Prior Events


Autumn Series: Dr. Ronagh McQuigg, Gender and Public International Law

6th November 2013, 7pm, School of Law Trinity College Dublin

The Irish Society of International Law would like to thank Dr. Ronagh McQuigg for her insightful presentation on Gender and International Law. Dr. McQuigg's presentation identified and critiqued the challenges involved in the prevention of domestic violence using international human rights architecture in both global and regional perspectives. We are delighted Ronagh could open our autumn series and are very grateful to all who attended.




How to Disregard Consensus? Corporal Punishment, Transsexuals and Abortions 20 October 2011

Speakers: Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou & Fiona de Londras, UCD School of Law

This informal seminar will consider the role of European consensus in decision-making at the European Court of Human Rights and whether internal consensus - i.e. consensus within an individual country - or a broader interna-tional trend, can justify a departure from commonly accepted standards amongst states parties to the ECHR. Discussion will focus on three cases:Tyrer v UK (which concerned corporal punishment), Goodwin v UK(transsexuals' rights) and A, B and C v Ireland (abortion).

 Seminar: Ireland and the International Court of Justice

It was recently announced that Ireland is to accept the compulsory jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice in The Hague. This informal seminar will consider the role of the ICJ and Ireland’s history with the Court, in particular its participation in the Nuclear Weapons cases, the Israeli Wall case and the Kosovo case. Also to be considered are the implications of Ireland submitting to compulsory jurisdiction and the reasons why it has delayed for so long in taking this step.

Tuesday 26th July, 6pm @ the Distillery Building, 145-151 Church Street, Dublin 7

Seán Lester Lecture 2011

The Irish Society of International Law is pleased to announce that its 2011 Seán Lester Lecture will be delivered by Prof. William Schabas, Director of the Irish Centre for Human Rights at NUI Galway.  Prof.
Schabas, one of the world's leading experts in human rights and international criminal law, will speak on the topic: “Ding, Dong, The Witch is Dead: How the World Deals with Terrorists and Tyrants

The lecture will take place on the 8th June at 6pm in the Distillery  Building, 145-151 Church St, Dublin 7 and will be followed by a drinks reception.

Lecture Series: Introduction to International Law

The Irish Society of International Law (ISIL) is pleased to announce that it will be running a 4 part lecture series on introductory topics in international law.  The lectures will take place over four weeks beginning on Tuesday 22 March 2011 and are aimed at students, lawyers as well as non-lawyers interested in learning the basic principles of international law.  For those already versed in the topics covered, the lectures will provide a valuable opportunity for revision.

Price:      €10 per lecture for non-members.  Attendance is free for ISIL members* and membership will be available at the door (€30 per annum/€15 conc.)

*For a limited time only ISIL is offering a free 6 month trial membership to all new, first time members who are students, trainees or barristers in their devilling years.

Certificates of attendance for CPD purposes will be available


The Trial of Radovan Karadzic 7th December 2009

Colin Smith of ISIL led an informal seminar on the trial of Radovan Karadzic by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. Joanne Williams, also of ISIL, acted as respondent. The event was preceded by the ISIL AGM.

The Gaza Crisis: The Legal Issues 18th May 2009

Prof. Jean Allain gave a lecture to ISIL on the legal issues arising out of the violence that occurred in Gaza in January 2009. Prof. Allain is Professor of International Law at Queen's University Belfast and the author of International Law in the Middle East.

Omar al Bashir and the International Criminal Court 30th May 2009

ISIL held an informal members-only seminar on the indictment of Omar al Bashir, President of the Republic of Sudan by Pre-Trial Chamber 1 of the International Criminal Court on charges relating to crimes against the civilian population of Darfur.

WTO Law and International Law 23rd February 2009

ISIL held an informal members-only seminar on International Economic Law based on a video lecture by Pascal Lamy, head of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), on the relationship between WTO law and general international law.

Seán Lester 2008: Christine Bell 28th October 2008

The Fourth Annual Seán Lester Lecture was delivered by Prof. Christine Bell of the University of Ulster on the topic 'On the Law of Peace'. Prof. Bell argued that there is a new lex pacificatoria or 'law of the peacemakers' emerging from the practice of peacemaking through peace agreements. The lecture was chaired by Prof. John Jackson, Dean of the Faculty of Law at UCD and was followed by the launch of Prof. Bell's new book, 'On the Law of Peace: Peace Agreements and theLe Pacificatoria' (OUP).

IHL in Ireland 8th July 2008

ISIL co-hosted a discussion group with the Irish Red Cross on 'International Humanitarian law in Ireland. The discussion was led by Lt. Col. Jerry Lane of the Irish Defence Forces and Len Blazeby of the International Committee of the Red Cross.


Seán Lester 2007: Vaughan Lowe 12th December 2007

The Third Seán Lester Lecture was delivered by Prof. Vaughan Lowe of All Souls College, Oxford on the topic of 'The Double-Edged Sword: International Law in Domestic Courts'. Prof. Lowe discussed the advantages and disadvantages of domestic courts applying international law in the cases before them. Whilst this process can lead to increased recognition of international human rights norms, it can also lead to an increase in the powers of the government. The event was chaired by Michael McDowell SC.

Irish Diplomacy in the 1930s 2nd May 2007

Following the publication of Documents on Irish Foreign Policy Vol. IV: 1932-1936, Dr. Michael Kennedy, Executive Editor of the Series, led a discussion group on 'Irish Diplomacy and Irish Identity in the 1930s'.

The International Criminal Court 2nd April 2007

Anticipating the first ever case to be tried before the International Criminal Court, Prof. William Schabas of NUI Galway reprised his inaugural address to ISIL, leading a discussion group on the development of the Court.

The Execution of Saddam Hussein 5th March 2007

Prof. Ivana Bacik of Trinity College Dublin led a discussion group on the topic 'Was Saddam Hussein's Execution Legal? The Death Penalty in International Law'.

Do We Need the UN? 17th January 2007

Noel Dorr, former Irish Ambassador to the United Nations and former Secretary General of the Department of Foreign Affairs, led an ISIL discussion group on the topic 'Do We Need the UN?'.

Seán Lester 2006: Ruth Wedgwood 6th December 2006

The Second Seán Lester Lecture was delivered by Prof. Ruth Wedgwood of Johns Hopkins University and Yale University on the topic 'Ban Ki Moon May be Sorry: The Intractable Difficulties of UN Reform'. 
Prof. Wedgwood criticised the political and managerial problems of the United Nations. The event was chaired by Mr. Justice Nicholas Kearns of the Supreme Court.

UN Reform and Human Rights 29th September 2006

Prof. Michael O'Flaherty, Irish Government Nominee to the UN Human Rights Committee and Reader in Human Rights at the University of Nottingham, led a discussion group on the topic of 'UN Reform and Human Rights'.

The Saddam Hussein Trial 10th May 2006

Prof. Mark Drumbl of Washington and Lee University led a discussion group on 'The Saddam Hussein Trial: A Critical Perspective'. Prof. Drumbl's comments followed his recent contribution to the Proceedings of the American Society of International Law.

Extraordinary Rendition 12th April 2006

Dr. Gernot Biehler led a discussion group on 'Extraordinary Rendition' and the obligations of the Irish government. He suggested that the Irish government may have an obligation to act against the practice arising out of Article 2 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Article 16 of the Torture Convention.


The Horgan Case 9th November 2005

Paul Callan SC addressed the Society on the case of Horgan v. An Taoiseach. Mr. Callan was a Senior Counsel in the case, which concerned the use of Shannon Airport by military aircraft travelling to the war zone in Iraq and the implications of this use for Irish constitutional law and military neutrality. The event was preceded by the Society's AGM.

Seán Lester 2005: Lawless World 27th June 2005

Philippe Sands QC, Professor of Law at University College London, delivered ISIL's inaugural Seán Lester Lecture on the topic of 'Lawless World: International Law after 9/11 and Iraq'. Prof. Sands discussed political issues surrounding the process the led to the war in Iraq. The event was chaired by Patrick Gageby SC.

Conference: Refugee Law in the Age of Globalisation 26th April 2005

ISIL held a one-day conference on refugee law in Trinity College Dublin. Amongst the contributors were Fergus Ryan of Dublin Institute of Technology, who spoke on the difficulty of establishing refugee status in Irish law, Guglielmo Verdirame of Cambridge University, who spoke about the problems of the UNHCR in Africa, and Guy Goodwin-Gill, of the University of Oxford, who spoke on the challenges of maintaining refugee protection in the modern world.


The Use of Force in Iraq 27th February 2003

Marc Weller of the Centre for Public International Law at the University of Cambridge addressed ISIL on 'The Use of Force in a Unipolar World: Recent Developments relating to Iraq.

The Rule of Law in the EU 30th January 2003

Advocate General Francis G Jacobs of the European Court of Justice spoke on 'The Rule of Law and Judicial Remedies in the European Union'. In this lecture the Advocate General argued for reform of Article 230(4) to make the Court of Justice more accesssible to individuals affected by actions of EU institutions. A response was delivered by Dr. Antje Wiener, Jean Monnet Chair at Queen's University Belfast.

Jessup Moot 17th September 2002

ISIL held an introduction and orientation session for prospective candidates for the 2003 Philip C Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition.

The International Criminal Court 16th May 2002

ISIL's inaugural lecture was delivered by Prof. William Schabas, Director of the Centre for Human Rights at NUI Galway on 'The International Criminal Court'.